Four Things to Consider When Living Off-Base in a New City

Guest article provided by: Kenney & Company Real Estate

New cities, new experiences. Here’s what to look at

Whether you’re moving on base to off, or across the country or world, relocating a family is a lot of work.  There are so many things to consider and only so much time to make important decisions about your home.  Whether you’re renting or buying, off-base housing can be a real blessing to your family. Here are four things to consider before you start looking for that next apartment, condo, or house.

Travel Time to Work

The average person commutes 26 minutes to work each way, but getting on and off post can be a big time waster.  On top of that, delays at the gate can be unpredictable.  If you’re moving off post, be sure that you’re looking not just at travel time from your prospective home to post, but also what sort of time you need to allow for entry.  On the plus side, you’ve got great connections and can find out which gates are best to use at certain times of day! 

Close to School

Depending on which state you’re in, you may have lots of options for schools.  If your state allows for school choice, you won’t have to move off-base to opt in to a certain school.  It’s important to find out what your future area allows for with school choice and which school districts give your kids the best educational fit for them.  If you need to live in a certain area for your kids to attend the school you want, then moving into that neighborhood is a foregone conclusion.  You can always ask your Realtor about schools. Curious about schooling and don’t have an agent? Check out this interactive map.

Near places we like to shop and eat

Some of us are adventurous, others of us order the same menu items every time we go out.  If you’re looking for a taste of home, or some grand new culinary adventures, then choosing to live near specific restaurants and shops are a great time saver.  

When in doubt, ask

Here’s the part where an experienced friend, or a great real estate agent can be an asset.  It can take time to research about areas of town, great places to eat, and which schools are a good fit for your family. Consider finding a local expert who understands what you’re looking for and mine them for information.  Realtors are trained to help and often have great online resources to make your move easier.

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