Improving Veteran Health: Embrace The Spring Season For A Fresh Beginning And Healthier Life

Springtime is a great time to embrace new beginnings and work on a fresh approach to life. For many veterans, this is a great time of the year to focus on their health and take charge of improving it. Regular life is certainly different from the day-to-day routines found in the service, and this time of year can provide an opportunity to try new things and practice some self-care.

Veterans can see improved health by heading outdoors

Once the spring weather hits, many people feel motivated to get outdoors and soak up some sunshine and vitamin D. Veterans in particular can gain a number of benefits from getting outdoors as the mild weather hits. In addition, this time out in the fresh air can spark the motivation to tackle other areas of your health that can use improvement as well.

Getting some regular, low-intensity exercise and making small changes to your diet can work together to provide a healthier life and renewed outlook. Make the Connection details that embracing some walking, jogging, or other regular physical activity, done within your physical limits, can have a significant impact on your sleep quality, your mood, and your overall health.

Moderate dietary changes produce major improvements in your overall health

In addition to some regular activity outside as the spring season hits, veterans can improve their wellbeing and their health by making some moderate dietary changes. Reducing caffeine, sugar, and fat can help you feel significantly better, and eating regular, healthy meals can provide balance and stability.

Alcohol, drugs, and other risky behaviors are typically unhealthy behaviors and methods of coping, and replacing these choices with healthy eating and activity can improve your well being in significant ways. Active points out that making a handful of small changes to your existing dietary routine can go a long way toward improving your overall health. Focus on whole grains, healthy proteins, fruits, and vegetables over the junk stuff and you’ll experience big improvements in your overall health.

Get creative about getting outdoors for fresh air and activity

There are plenty of creative ways to get some exercise outdoors that can help veterans feel healthier and rejuvenated. For example, consider taking a love for animals, particularly dogs, to the next level by becoming a dog walker.

An activity like this gets you outdoors on a steady basis, gives you the opportunity to connect with man’s best friend, and can even add a bit of money to your pocket. The site Dog Walker points out that just about anybody can become a dog walker, and this is a great way to use your passion for canines to get outside for regular exercise, make some great money, and do it with a flexible schedule.

There are plenty of other ways that veterans can get some moderate physical activity outside during the springtime, such as heading to the park to play football or Frisbee, shares the British Heart Foundation, or utilizing an outdoor gym or trails where you can bike or hike. Fit Body HQ suggests additional outdoors activities such as swimming, family game time, tennis, or even hitting the local playground to get active and embrace the springtime fresh air.

While many people look to the New Year to start overhauling their exercise and dietary routines, embracing the fresh air of the spring season often provides a boost of dedication and motivation that leads to great success. Veterans who are looking to improve their overall health should head outdoors to enjoy some moderate activity, perhaps even trying out dog walking or another similar multi-purpose activity, and look for simple ways to improve their eating so they can boost their health and feel their best.

[Image via Pixabay]